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April 26, 2017

Surabhi - The Theater Group, series

Picture: From the greenroom which is not as glossy as the stage... Mr. Vasantha who would probably be passing through his fifties and a multi talented artist, getting ready for the performance as Demon Ghatothkacha..
No matter how grand and fierce the role on the stage is going to be, its all on the ground in the greenroom. Assembling here before an hour and half, sharing a light with the co-artists - everybody from the family and turning out into a carefully made-up character to perform is a regular and untold agenda before the show.
Having this being done from their childhood, no dialogues or scenes were seen to be discussed..

Surabhi - the yesteryear's fond name for the entertainment, which lost its light to the CINEMA..
A 125 year old family run group, famous in the South India and for all the tricks and gimmicks being simply done on the stage., which generally are done by computer graphics in the Cinema.

More pictures and stories from the group to follow...